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Canopy has an established reputation for bringing renowned environmentalists to the Bay Area through unique speaking events that benefit urban forestry programs.

Gretchen Daily, The Power of Trees

on September 26, 2013

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Richard Louv: Bringing Nature Nearby, Our 15th Anniversary Dinner 

For our 15th Anniversary, Canopy welcomed 200 guests for a dinner with Richard Louv. We unveiled our goal to plant 1,000 trees at schools by 2015 through our Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! program. We hosted a fun and inspiring event, shared our enthusiasm with new and current members, and showed many people new ways to be involved with Canopy. Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! is a multi-year shade and fruit tree planting initiative that primarily aims to improve school campuses and parks in underserved communities within Southern San Mateo County. The event supported Canopy's efforts to engage children, community, and corporate volunteers in the revitalization of schools and campuses. The trees we plant will create healthier learning environments for students, bring much-needed shade to play areas, increase energy efficiency of school buildings, break up heat islands on campuses and even provide healthy snacks! 

E.O. Wilson: Biodiversity and Our Future, Healing Mother Earth

E. O. Wilson, renowned scientist, author, and environmentalist, spoke at Canopy's 2009 benefit lecture, E.O. Wilson: Biodiversity and Our Future, Healing Mother Earth.  Drawing a crowd of 850 area residents, educators and students. Dr. Wilson shared his insights on the complexity and diversity of natural ecosystems around the world and how they interconnect, calling for increased research and understanding into the fast disappearing species and environments that sustain our planet. KQED Radio host Michael Krasny emceed the event.

Download a copy (6MB) of Dr. Wilson's PowerPoint. Check out photos from the event (see Flickr photos) as well as video (see FORA TV).  You can also listen below to a KQED radio interview with Michael Krasny.


Sir Thomas Pakenham: A Summer Evening with Remarkable Trees

Two hundred guests attended Canopy's 2008 benefit fundraising gala under the London Plane trees of Palo Alto's Mitchell Park for a summer solstice dinner lecture with author/explorer Sir Thomas Pakenham. Pakenham is the celebrated author of Remarkable Trees of The World and Meetings with Remarkable Trees, among others, about his global travels researching and photographing great trees of the planet.

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Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai: Canopy's 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala

Canopy celebrated a decade of urban forestry programs with a 2006 gala dinner and reception featuring Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement. Canopy also launched its East Palo Alto Tree Initiative with a ceremonial tree planting in East Palo Alto.
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"Canopy...brings exceptional environmental leaders to our community from Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai to E.O. Wilson. In short, Canopy is a powerful force integrated into our community in countless ways."

~ Nancy Peterson,
Advisory Board member